Top 10: Resume Do's

Top 10: Interview Do's

1. State your objective
2. Customize cover letter and resume to the job you are applying for.
3. Use a personal email address in your contact information
4. Double check to be sure contact information is correct
5. Proof read and spell check
6. Keep it simple, clear and concise
7. Use traditional colors and fonts, resume needs to look professional
8. Make sure all information is accurate
9. Use action words
10. Print your resume and read aloud.
1. Be on time! Better to be early.
2. Firm hand shake!
3. Dress professionally; must be neat and clean, clothes should be ironed and shoes polished.
4. Make eye contact; be aware of your body language
5. Be positive; no negative talk about former employers
6. No gum, bad breath or heavy perfume or cologne
7. Have at least 3 copies of your resume with you
8. Do not discuss personal problems
9. Listen to questions and answer them. If you do not understand the question, ask!
10. Send a thank you note

Top 10: Reasons to Use

1. Open Door Jobs was formed and is operated 100% in the United States.
2. Calls and emails are handled by in-house employees; you will always be working with someone in this company.
3. Live support specialists are available to talk to you about your employment needs.
4. One-on-One advice and assistance. You are not just a number to us.
5. Sales and technical support specialties will be assigned to you upon submittal of your listing. You can contact them directly to discuss any questions or changes you wish to be made to your listing.
6. We will work together with you to help maximize the appeal of the listing. We have trained specialists ready to help you if you do not receive appropriate responses to your listing.
7. Flat-rate package deals. Up to 60% discounts available on more than 3 listings. Contact our sales team.
8. Nationwide listings available. Attract candidates across the country to your national job offering by submitting a single listing form.
9. Extensive advertising on general and job board oriented search engines. We will do whatever it takes to assist you in filling your open jobs.
10. Easy submittal of your job information. Use our single-page online form, email us, or FAX to 1-800-975-7219. Our specialists will enter and format the listing on your behalf and contact you with a direct link for your review when complete!

Email or Call Us Today: 1.800.975.7219

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